BORE CHARGE – Charge assessed on the actual boring of the throttle body


CORE – A stock factory item, such as a factory camshaft, throttle body, or ECU. Must be in good usable condition

CORE CHARGE – A core charge/deposit is assessed on all cores and will be collected at the time of purchase. The core deposit will be reimbursed when stock core is received and inspected by GUDE PERFORMANCE. All stock cores for reimbursement must be returned within 30 DAYS, , ALL CORES MUST BE IN GOOD WORKING ORDER AND CONDITION  FOR REINBERSEMENT  IMPORTANT A COPY OR ORIGNAL INVOICE MUST BE  INCLOSED OR YOUR REINBURSEMENTMAY MAY BE HELD UP.

(A core deposit is not required when you core is sent into GUDE PERFORMANCE to be modified)


GRIND – The actual cutting of the camshaft to a specific shape.


GRIND NO. – The type of shape or profile ground onto the camshaft which determines the specific performance range of each new performance camshaft.

LABOR CHARGE – A program charge is assessed on all ECU’s, which includes the labor and actual computer programming of each ECU. Each program is specific to each cam and set up of car.

 R.P.M. – Refers to the revolutions per minute that the engine is turning



Gude Warranty Disclaimer

       Gude Performance/Bullfrog products are for off road use only and may never be used on any public highway. Gude Performance/Bullfrog does not meet any expressed or assumed fitness for any particular purpose. Due to the nature of the sport of racing and/or high performance applications, or the manner in which they are installed or used, there is no warranty expressed, implied, or assumed to the purchaser. It is the sole responsibility of the purchaser and installer to determine the specific fit or usage of any Gude Performance/Bullfrog product. Gude Performance/Bullfrog, shall not be liable for any special, consequential, or incidental damages, including but not limited to: loss of profits or revenue, bodily injury, and/or loss of life. Gude Performance/Bullfrog will not be liable for towing, replacement, or repair cost for any part damaged, or any labor charge which might arise from the usage of any items in this catalog or any product produced or supplied by Gude Performance/Bullfrog. Cancellation.  All Gude Performance products are personalized and customized for each individual customer by Gude Performance there are no cancellations or refunds for all Gude products. All deposits on Gude Performance products are non-refundable