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    Scion Xb Throttle Bodie
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    08 XB/TC Throttle Bodie
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    Scion TC Head Package
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    XB/TC Cams with Springs

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Gude Scion Head Packages



Head Package is a matrix of technology, no stages or up grades, just the proven best!  Starting with the advanced high velocity port and reverberation step philosophy, developed by Bill Gude and well proven over the past 30 years of import racing. Couple this with the famous Gude performance Bullfrog camshafts and high velocity throttle bodies, and you have a sure winning combination, well proven again and again for performance and reliability.

1. Intake ports are ported to create maximum velocity then rough cross hatched to provide better fuel atomization, which increases combustion efficiency providing increased power both at low and high rpm.
2. Exhaust ports are ported to relive internal pressure quickly, yet provide enough velocity to scavenge well, insuring a full fresh fuel and air charge will be delivered to the combustion chambers, not diluted down with left over spent gases from the last firing.
3. Head surface is milled them hand lapped to create a multi directional #32 micro Finish surface, this leaving hundreds of micro ridges to be crushed down by the steel gasket forming a super micro barrier for better gasket sealing.
4. Intake to head ports are purposely mismatched or stepped to fight unwanted reverberation and to reduce boundary layer effects improving port flow.
5. Valve seats we have tried 3 angles so called 5 angle, and many other valve and seat combinations, we have found that the factory angle on the valve is overall the best and that the blended radius parabolic valve seats pioneered by Gude performance provides the most horse power and longevity on most Imports.
6. Valve guides in most cases we have found that shorting the valve guide is helpful and will promote increased flow while still maintaining excellent valve control.
7. Valve springs all Gude performance camshafts are designed to operate to extreme rpm on stock valve springs, we spent countless hours designing and developing profile which will not require a high pressure valve spring which can cause added friction and valve stem failure due to the high loading of stiffer springs vale stem failure will usually cause major engine damage..
 A few exceptions we will up the spring pressure, on 1.8 Acura Integra if the engine rpm is to exceed 7600 rpm, also the 92 to 95 dx will require springs above 7000 rpm and SCION Xb and TC for any camshaft change .
8. Camshafts Gude performance Bullfrog or Stinger cams are included with all Gude head packages, all cams are ground to precise tolerances, and are of the famous Gude profiles. Gude poured out all 30 plus years of experience, into designing cam profiles that are stable at extreme high rpm with stock or light valve spring loading, this increasing  horse power and engine reliability, as high valve spring loads can case excessive wear and result in total valve stem  failure destroying a expensive engine. 
Dyno Test  WHP 1.6 stock engine makes about 96 hp and the torque is 87 ft pounds. With the Gude Head Package 144/147 hp 118/119 ft pounds. An average stock 2.0 engine has about 107 hp and 111 lbs of torque.  With the Gude Head Pack and our long tube Gude Header the hp jumps to 181 and Torque. is 163 both engines  are daily drivers with great gas mileage.    


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