Bill Gude

Racing has been my passion for a life time; I loved to Design Build and Race almost anything.
One very wet cold and stormy night, Night Heck More Like 3 AM in the morning in a pouring rain storm, my self and my trusty side kick and Teammate Tom McQueen, selected the best looking boat shaped oak leafs we could find, and launch them into the fast flowing current of the flooded street. We cheered and coached (if possible) our selected leaf, and the first leaf to go down the storm drain wins the race.

Now I know this is not too unusual for 10 year old kids, but for 30 year old men in a pounding down pour racing leafs for an hour or so at 3AM in down town Thousand Oaks
California is just a little too peculiar, and by no means went unnoticed by the local police patrol.
We were busted floating leafs in the rain, the officer was sure we were hooked on some type of drugs, and didn’t mind telling us so.

The officer was right we were hooked on something. What we were hooked on was better than drugs. It’s competition and that’s what brings out the Driving ability in some, the Creative Engineering, or the Mechanical gifts in others. All striving to be the very best at what they do, living with cut fingers, broken wrist, burned hands, bumps and scrapes, and for some paying the ultimate price for what they loved.
But in the end it’s more than the challenge and glory, it’s the team work and trust, that creates bonds that last for a life time and beyond.