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Gude Custom Crated Motors

Gude Crated Engines come in 3 levels.

Level 1 Engines come with new pistons rings and  pins  and are .030 to .040 overbore. All connecting rods are hand selected to match piston weights and the crankshaft is balanced and blue printed. New racing rods, bearings and main bearings are hand selected and fitted to crank and rods. New thrust washers, seals, water pump, oil pump, oil pan, valve cover, timing belt, our famous racing head package and performance camshafts come with each engine and are completely assembled ready to go.

Level 2 Engines come with all parts listed in level 1 plus forged rods and pistons.

Level 3 Engines come with all parts listed in level 1 & 2 plus steel overbored sleeves.

For Applications & Ordering Call (951) 245 - 7577

Make Year/Model
Most Imports Honda, Acura, Toyota

Ford, Chevy, Saturn, ZTEC, ECOTEC,EUROTEC